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Fancy Dessert – Mille Feuille


We can of course throw ourselves into the infinite be-happy-and-slim, no carb, no fat, no fun universe. To do a little for that bikini bod. 

But where’s the fun in that? We want endorphins! There’s a reason that kids don't ring our doorbells on Halloween and enthusiastically yell, “Gherkins or goji berries?!”

Dessert has always been the best part of the whole menu, hasn't it? This bit of magic on a plate... A small piece of sorcery. It makes your heart lift and fly away.

Honestly, could pointed cabbage enchant you in that way?

Have a look at this – Mille Feuille with orange mousse and buttermilk foam. Even the name sounds like the most beautiful sonnet. As golden as glowing autumn leaves, marvellously crispy, as fluffy as a puffy white cloud.

Only a dream could be more beautiful.


Klar, wir könnten uns hineinwerfen in die unendlichen Weiten des Happy-and-Slim-No-Carb-No-Fat-No-Fun-Universums. Mal was für die Bikinifigur tun.

Aber wo bleibt da der Spaß? Wir wollen Endorphine! An Halloween klingeln die Kidz ja auch nicht und rufen voller Enthusiasmus: „Gurken oder Goji-Beeren?!“